Originator IQ recently increased pipeline volume
by 36% for an Atlanta based Lender


We are on the leading edge of CFPB compliance. Ask us about our CFPB extended application.


Consumer Direct Lenders who want to close
more loans, smarter

cfpb assistance

With CFPB 2 things really matter, time and accuracy. Our unique process not only expedites CFPB mandated seasoning times, we go above and beyond to help you stay compliant with our post-closing interview.

why a live signature matters

In addition to added compliance, our post closing interview helps you find the borrowers that are most likely to refer you. We share that information with you. It's like your own personal referral source.

The power of one deal

It's month end. You are one deal away from a pay tier that could be the difference between a 4 figure and 5 figure paycheck. Our clean files ensure that you have less stips. Files with less conditions, close first. That's the power of one deal.

how our referrals work

It's well known by top leaders, that signing physical documents vs. e-sign increases borrower commitment. That is why we schedule a notary to sign disclosures on every file. Our process not only increases commitment, but also results in more deals in your pipeline, which could lead to more closings.


We partner with clients to streamline the title process in order to expedite the closing process. OIQ’s Streamline Title will not only alert you of any potential issues on title, we do the work and clear the issues for you. Processors love our clean titles because our files are ready to close faster. At month’s end, clean files close first, so OIQ could turn a decent month into a huge month.

Lastly is our OIQ closing follow up. We conduct a short survey after every closing to ensure that the title company, the notary, and the lender all did a great job. Lenders love the feedback because getting referrals is easy when you know you have done a good job. Never lose another big check commission because your title partner could not deliver.

Originator IQ is the lending industry’s best kept secret – specifically designed to help originators just like you capture and close more deals, faster, and with less fallout. And the best part – IT’S FREE & IT’S MOBILE.
Our convenient App gives you all of the benefits at your fingertips.

Originator IQ will be available in October.

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Your Agents can pull credit in the app and create instant referrals for their clients with the click of a button.

It's as simple as sending a text message!


Giving your Agents the App turns them into a lead referral machine.

Track Agents shares and credit pulls. Each share creates a new lead that is ready to buy!


Directly upload stips with your phone's camera,

Send automated push notifications about loan progress.

Make client interaction easy!